en-us Chiropractors in Murrieta CA | Murrieta CA Chiropractors | Murrieta Chiropractic | California Oaks Chiropractic http://www.californiaoakschiropractic.com/ What Chiropractors do http://www.californiaoakschiropractic.com/blogpost-18280/What-Chiropractors-Do-To-Keep-You-Healthy-And-Pain-Free.html I often get asked, "What do chiropractors really do?"  Most people think we are back and neck pain doctors.  We do some weird cracking of the back and people feel better, or their headaches miraculously disappear.  The simple truth is that chiropractic since its inception in 1895 is based on four simple concepts.

1. The body is a self healing mechanism.  In other words, your body knows how to heal.  If you cut your finger, clean the wound and put a bandage on it the bandage will magically heal the cut. Right?  No of course not your cut is going to heal with or without the bandage.  Your body can heal itself.

2.  Your brain and nervous system controls how everything in your body works.  This means healing is controlled by your nervous system as well as the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body.  The master controller, the brain, communicates to every thing in our body through our nerves.  What would happen if there is interference with this communication?

3.  Interference with the brains communication with the rest of the body will compromise your health.   It is impossible for your body to function at 100% if there is interference between the brain and the rest of the body.  Every nerve in our body travels through the spine at some level.  If the spine is out of normal position and not moving correctly it can interfere with these communication signals. We call this a subluxation.

4.  Removing the interference restores the bodies functions by normalizing the brains communication with the rest of the body.  That is what we do as chiropractors.  We are the only profession trained in the detection and correction of subluxations.  There are other professions that may manipulate the joints but mobilizing the joints is not the same as adjusting to correct the interference created by the subluxation.

Chiropractic has many techniques to detect and correct subluxations and thereby getting rid of pain and restoring function.  KST is one of the gentlest and most effective that I have found.

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Understanding Vertebral subluxation | Murrieta CA http://www.californiaoakschiropractic.com/blogpost-14254/Understanding-Vertebral-Subluxation.html You live your life through your nervous system. It is the master system and controller of your body. Right now your heart is beating, kidneys are working, liver is functioning, brain chemicals are flowing all without you having to think about it. This is because your nervous system is coordinating it all and making it happen. What would happen if there was interference with the function of your nervous system? It would interfere with you body's ability to heal and regulate.

An important term and concept that every person should know and understand is vertebral subluxation. Vertebral subluxation, or subluxation for short, refers to a mechanical problem in the spine that relates to nerve interference. When a person is subluxated, it reduces their ability to heal, regulate and express well-being. Like cavities in teeth, subluxations are very common in our culture. It is the primary goal of the chiropractor to detect and correct subluxations so that you can improve healing, regulation, and general well-being.

A limited nervous system means limited wellness. If we want to optimally create higher levels of wellness, we then need to remove nervous system interference as a part of the process. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to do this. Millions of people, from infants to seniors over 100 years old, benefit from chiropractic adjustments every year. Set a Appointment

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