Brain-Based Therapy

The brain is dependant on input from the body and the other parts of the brain itself to maintain a sufficient level of neural activity for healthy brain function.

A decrease in the Frequency of Firing can create a condition called Trans Neural Degeneration which prevents the normal control of the more primitive brain function Plasticity or the brains ability to learn is increased by increasing the frequency of firing to the specific pathways which no longer function as a result of transneural degeneration.

Clinically, Frequency of Firing is increased by providing Fuel and Activation in the form of pathway-specific stimulation, exercise and oxygen.

Brain-Based Therapy concentrates on locating the specific pathways which are creating these imbalances. The Neurological Examination is designed to locate Cerebellar Imbalances first and then Neocortical Imbalances as work continues.

By specifically firing the pathways with damage or deficient signals balanced function is restored.

Brain-Based Therapy can increase the body's ability to heal itself by specifically diagnosing and reversing neuroplasticity impairment.

The Koren Specific Technique

The Koren Specific Technique is a low force adjusting protocol. What this means, is that there are no movements that make the traditional "cracking" sound. Instead of one heavy thrust to move bones, this gently taps things back into position. This new method is ideal to work with all ages, from newborns to the elderly, even people with Osteoporosis or other degenerative spinal conditions. The key to successful use of the KST method is the Arthrostim adjusting instrument. This hand held device delivers a precise, gentle, low force with a frequency of 12-14 gentle taps per second.

This frequency is also known as the Schumann resonance. The Schumann resonance is often referred to as the earth's background base frequency, or "heartbeat". To optimize healing within your body a harmonization and rhythm must be established, it has been found that the Schumann resonance is just such a healing frequency. All this may sound a bit complicated but the main thing to remember is that we have been getting fantastic results working with patients with all types of different conditions using a very light, very safe and most importantly a very effective technique.

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