Chiropractic Testimonials

"For several years I have suffered with back pain, neck pain and headaches. In fact, I just thought my pain was normal. I am a grocery checker and it became very hard for me to work a regular eight hour shift. I would be in so much pain that I was relying on Motrin to get me through it. Again I lived this way for so long that I thought this was normal.

Well in December of 2008, my sister who is a patient of Dr. Brian's recommended California Oaks Chiropractic and thought they could help me with the pain I was feeling. After about 2 weeks of chiropractic care I noticed a difference. I am able to sleep through the night and work an eight hours shift without any pain. And, I no longer suffer from headaches.

Thanks Dr. Brian for making me feel so much better... now I know what "normal" is."

- Joanne R.

"Last summer a friend suggested a visit to their chiropractor for our son's medical problems. We thought they were a little crazy. The California Oaks Chiropractic office had an open house with free scans so I brought several family members. To my surprise the doctors showed us problem areas of our spines and the relating medical issues. I wondered how they could have known so much about our difficulties.

My son, Jon, had health problems since birth. He was born at 95% on his growth chart but was down to 5% within the first year. During the next few years we struggled to keep him nourished while having testing done. After a lot of tortuous ordeals we tried to maintain a somewhat normal life between doctor appointments, tests, antibiotics, and struggling development. By the age of fourteen he was at 4% on his chart.

By this time the rest of the family was also having some medical difficulties. I had been having a variety of symptoms since the birth of my third child some 20 years ago, from chronic shoulder and neck pain, vertigo, light sensitivity, and stomach problems. My husband had been having sciatic nerve problems to the point that he could not stand very long.

My son, Jon had been on almost constant antibiotics for many years which were of course wreaking havoc on his digestive and other systems. My husband and I were taking constantly increasing pain medication. We have seen many doctors with very little improvement to any of our conditions, just an increase of drugs and probable future surgeries. Jonathan had already had one.

Dr. Brian once said that pain is really a 'de-motivator'. Even when you try to keep going your effectiveness and efficiency suffer. Our world was becoming smaller and smaller due to the decreased ability to function. Our son's future was becoming bleak. We had been praying for God's help and guidance when we found California Oaks Chiropractic.

When we began Jon's treatment it seemed as though he had the spine of an old, disease ridden person. His chart showed a lot of black! Besides fighting constant infection and fever Jon had trouble with pain and tension in his limbs. His primary doctor thought perhaps he had mild Cerebral Palsy since birth, an incurable condition. Jon was having difficulty even standing and sitting. After a month of chiropractic care Jon's pain was gone and he had so much energy he was driving us crazy!

The family has been going now for months, even grandma. We have all seen great benefits. Jonathan has not been back to see his primary doctor for a single infection and he has not been sick since we started at California Oaks Chiropractic. Dr. Brian said that the vertebra just at the base of Jon's skull was tweaked in two directions along with some other problems, probably occurring at birth.

We are looking forward to his development catching up to his peers. He has probably read 30 books since Christmas. What a miracle! By the way, my shoulder is free of pain, vertigo is gone and no stomach problems, what a nice bonus! What I had accepted as old age is not. My husband's hip is taking a little longer but is also much improved. He is no longer needing to relinquish responsibilities.

The Doctors and staff at California Oaks Chiropractic have given us a renewed future and we praise the Lord we found them. We have never been to a more caring and compassionate office. Thank you for everything!"

- Sharon T. and Family

"In August 2007 I brought my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Faith, in for chiropractic care after a neighbor referred the doctors to me. When my daughter was about a year old we began to notice wheezing when she was ill with a cold and chronic coughing even with moderate activity.

Two pediatricians (one was an allergy/asthma specialist) diagnosed her with asthma. First, they prescribed liquid Albuterol and Pulmicort then Singulair and a Claritin combo. We had to use a nebulizer to distribute the medication three times a day lasting 10 minutes while holding my daughter down to try to get her to inhale it. Lots of fun!!!

We started seeing Dr. Brian, who recommended Faith see him 2 times a week for 3 weeks, and we saw results. Faith then saw him once a week for a few weeks and now is doing fine seeing him every other week.

I am ecstatic that my daughter has shown vast improvement. In fact, she has not had any of her previous symptoms since treatment began with Dr. Brian. And it is all natural, no drugs, no steroids, and in such a short amount of time.

Hopefully, she can eventually be on a maintenance program which will keep her symptom free. Thanks so much to Dr. Brian and his staff!"

- Cathy A.

"I originally sought treatment for acute pain and stiffness in my neck. I had headaches most every day and I had suffered low back pain for at least 15 years. I did not seek medical help because I had accepted that headaches were simply going to be a part of my life. The pain did interrupt my life about 20% of the time but I rarely let it get into the way of my life and actively demanding job. I also controlled the pain with Excedrin which had become a daily staple.

When I first started coming in to see Dr. Brian all I cared about was my stiff, painful, crippling neck. After the diagnostic scans and consultation, I committed to give whole health a try. I was very pleased when my neck started to improve with adjustments, massage and ice packs.

My headaches also seemed to disappear after a few months of adjustments. I could no longer remember when I had had the last one. I was very happy with the results and could have been finished with treatments but chose to continue with my long term commitment. I have now been in treatment for 6 months.

I still experience occasional low back pain but I am no longer buying Excedrin or Aspirin. I am extremely active and overall my health has improved 80 to 90%. I expect continued positive results. Thanks Dr. Brian and Dr. K for your help."

- Kristi F.


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